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2019 Corona Virus (COVID-19)

👉  The Virus is spread through the air from the saliva caused by sneezing or coughing. It can also be spread by touch including items that have been touched (tainted by the bead) by a virus bearer and the adversary successfully enters a person's respiratory tract.

👉  To ensure that there is a Covid-19 there is a person that is undergoing the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test by taking blood samples, throat samples and nasal fluid to undergo the exam.

👉  No further cure or medication to treat patients but patients will be given support to continue the body's endurance of virus attacks until the patient is recovering.

👉  There are 3 types of Corona Virus, namely 2003 SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), 2012 MERS (Midle East Respiratory Syndrome) and the latest 2019 Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19).

👉  So far there is no evidence that the Virus can live outside of the respiratory tract over time. It will be expected to remain less than 2 hours and will die if it is not able to enter human or animal respiratory tract.

Last year (end 2019) a total of 40,000 employees had lost employment due to the spreading of Covid-19 outbreak and the number of these dijamgka would reach 100,000 people during the year (2020). That was cited from the Sundaily newspaper on the economic impact that struck the country and the amount was the total prediction of the Malaysian Employer's Federation (MEF).

This outbreak stems from a wet market in the Wuhan Province in China which offers a wide selection of exotic animals living for food such as snakes, frogs, bats, torars, monkeys and many more.

Meanwhile, in Putrajaya, the Health Minister Datuk Sri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad stated that the spread of this outbreak was still in control and in the early part of the stage. He added that the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia has always been prepared and continues to strengthen measures to face the possibility of this outbreak to enter into the next phase. It relates to the level of final and mitigation level.

Symptoms/Signs of Covid-19.

😨  Fever
😨  Cough
😨  Overbreath

If the experience above in a long period (more than 14 days), you are advised to get an advanced examination to identify the disease and undergo proper treatment. 

Meanwhile in Sepang, 4 individuals were confronted to court on allegations of spreading false news related to the spread of Covid-19 outbreak. One of these detained includes the president of the Malaysian Artist Association, Zed Zaidi. Therefore, people are advised to first research any information related to the spread or Covid-19 epidemic infection before spreading to the public to ensure that there is no greater hazard, such as Chaotic state in society by spreading false news.


As of 13 March 2020, according to Bernama, the World Health Pertubuha (WHO) has been labelling that the outbreak of Covid-19 is as a pandemic. So far the total number of infections increased to 197 cases with a substantial increase of 39 cases which occurred in the country. 

WHO has also given the official name for the "2019-nCov" virus as COVID-19 which is the abbreviation for Corona Virus Autoimmue 19. The Covid-19 Virus has been reported to have similar ginetics that are found on snakes and bats.

The latest news notes that MOH is striving to locate Malaysians who have attended the Tabligh assembly held at Masjid Sri Petaling, Selangor on 27 February to 1 March 2020. The event was attended by 16,000 people dating from several countries and is approximately 14,500 of them are Malaysians. As of March 13, three States had detected the Covid-19 infection that was related to the meeting of the Tabligh Assembly (1 case in Sabah, 1 case in Kelantan and 3 cases in Sarawak).


Preventive measures.

WHO has suggested several preventive measures from the menation of Covid disease-19:
✅  Regularly wash hands.
✅  Avoid touching your eyes, mouths and nose before washing your hand.
✅  Cover the mouth and nose when sneezing and cough.
✅  Cook the egg and meat perfectly.
✅  Avoid contact with individuals with symptoms.
✅  Avoid activities to the public places of interest such as those in markets or parties. If forced, do not forget to wear the mouth cover and always carry a hand wash (hand sanitizer).
✅  Avoid going to lading farms and touching livestock animals.

The Malaysia Prime Minister's special message

On this day 16 March 2020, the new prime Minister of Malaysia (the 8th Prime Minister), Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will give a special message at 10 nights in respect of this Covid-19 outbreak in the national Radio and Television channels.

Motion Control Order (18 March – 31 March 2020)
* * All houses of worship and business premises should be closed except supermarkets, public markets, retail outlets and convenience stores that sell daily necessities.

1. Restriction of movement activities, public and social gatherings such as religious talks, sports, cultural councils and all kinds of assembly activities. Especially for Muslims, the delay of all religious activities in mosques and Surau includes Friday prayers.

2. Overall restrictions on all citizens travelling abroad. For the newly-returning people are required to undergo a comprehensive health screening and perform voluntary quarantine for 14 days.

3. International foreign tourist inclusion restrictions.

4. Closure of all nurseries, public and private schools, primary/secondary educational institutions and pre-university.

5. Closure of all public and private higher educational institutions including skills institutions.

6. Closure of all government and private premises except those involved with essential services (water, electricity, energy, telecommunication, postal, transportation, irrigation, oil, Gas, fuel, lubricants, broadcasting, finance, medical, health, pharmacy, fire, jail, commercial, flying, aircraft, safety, defence, medical, retail and food supply.

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