Saturday, March 12, 2016

Top 3 Billionaires

The World Top 3 Billionaires

If rich people are just like us, then why are they rich and we’re not? What did they do so differently to make it to where they are today? Some people say in this world,

“money isn’t everything”.

We’re guessing that those people don’t have many things to worry about. Let’s take a look at the top three riches people in the world and find out.

3. Warren Buffett
By age 15, Warren Buffett was actively making over $175 a month in stocks alone. That was back in the 1940s. In his teens, Buffett and a friend bought a pinball machine and placed it in a barbershop in their town. Shortly after, he and his friend made enough to buy more pinball machines and place them in more shops. This quick thinking and industrious nature is what led him to open his own company and investment firm.

By today’s standards, he was making almost $2,000 a month after inflation. He is the third richest person in the world and is valued at over 72 billion dollars. To say the least, he is the working chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is an esteemed, self-made man. Buffett is now worth billions and is a testament to the concept that anyone could be rich if they put their mind to it. Buffett also gives advice regularly and his go to advice is the following:

“Big opportunities in life have to be seized. We don’t do very many things, but when we get the chance to do something that’s right
and big we’ve got to do it.”

2. Carlos Slim Helu

In 1961, Slim began working in stocks and worked very, very long days. It paid off though, within four years his investments earned him a cool $400,000 that’s over 3 million dollars by today’s standards. Fast forward two years later and he was worth nearly ten times that.

The story of Slim begin when he was 11 years old, Slim marched over to a popular Mexican bank and invested into a typical savings bond with compounding interest. A year later, he invested in his own stock at the Mexican bank. As a young man, Slim went to college and earned a BA in engineering. But him love of numbers kept him from committing.

Slim is a very private man though is rumored to be very kind. He shares his wealth and net worth with his family and makes meaningful uses of it all. Slim is a testament to the importance of keeping trustworthy family values in tow and remembering that it doesn’t matter where you come from. If you’re savvy enough you can be a billionaire.

1. Bill Gates

When he was 13, he has enrolled in a private school and had access to all sorts of basic computer equipment. His knack for computing grew and grew and before he knew it, he oversaw the creation of Microsoft Windows as a practical application of computing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bill Gates is currently the richest man in the world and is valued at 79.2 billion dollars’ worth. Unlike the others, Gates is known for the one source of his incredibly massive fortune “Microsoft”. Gates was taught from an early age to compete and the consequences of doing so. This lesson carried over to later years and is still an integral part of his business acumen even now. 

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